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Our work is inspired by the belief that your house should make you really feel as if you are on vacation, every single time you walk through the front door. Our home remodeling and design experts in Irvine CA will take all the necessary measures. They are here to assist you in making the perfect choices for your home and loved ones today while keeping in mind the reselling aspects of the future. The objective is to make sure you’re fully happy with your selections and that you are able to have quality work completed at a fair price and on time. It is to eliminate your stress and keep the design process fun, creative, and informative.

No matter what your project goals might be, the Construlux team will give you industry-leading products which sport the contemporary style and durability you must have to preserve your house’s structural integrity and energy efficiency. we provide you tons of options to revamp any space, whether it’s getting a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodel, general or cabinet remodeling and hardwood flooring installation. Through every step of the design and building process, we’ve got your back. but our services are not just limited to your home; we are also an industrial and commercial construction company in Irvine CA that take care of bigger-than-life projects which is a huge and daunting undertaking but fret not, our contractors have all the expertise and advanced.

construction technologies to get the job done in an accurate manner and with utmost precision. Here is a glimpse of the journey- At the age of sixteen, my career in carpentry began, and my passion for construction was awakened. I went to work for the family business with my father, remodeling, manufacturing and installing kitchen cabinets, doors, and windows. Later, in 1996, I obtained my Diploma in Construction. In addition to honing the skills I had, this provided me with in-depth information and experience with foundation, framing, flooring, and remodeling, as well as various other skills. Later, I got my Specialized Construction Company Management Diploma, and in 2005, I founded a construction and remodeling company, Construlux, in Montreal. I studied further and obtained my license in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

My certifications allowed me to become eligible for a general B license, and I have enjoyed being a licensed construction manager in the beautiful state of Irvine, CA. With over thirty years of experience in the field and a keen understanding of the nuances of construction, my clients can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality work from a seasoned professional.

Contact Construlux today, if you have any questions concerning the estimate, or in the event, you want to revisit the design and finishes you’ve chosen, we’d be more than pleased to help you out!