About Us


At the age of sixteen, my career in carpentry began, and my passion for construction was awakened. I went to work for the family business with my father, remodeling, manufacturing and installing kitchen cabinets, doors, and windows. Later, in 1996, I obtained my Diploma in Construction. In addition to honing the skills I had, this provided me with in-depth information and experience with foundation, framing, flooring, and remodeling, as well as various other skills. Later, I got my Specialized Construction-Company Management Diploma, and in 2005, I founded a construction and remodeling company, Construlux, in Montreal. I studied further and obtained my license in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.
My certifications allowed me to become eligible for a general B license, and I have enjoyed being a licensed construction manager in the beautiful state of California. With over thirty years of experience in the field, and a keen understanding of the nuances of construction, my clients can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality work from a seasoned professional.